In-Home Daycare Services

Whether you are looking for before or after school care, part-time or full-time daycare, Pacific Daycare Services can provide you with fun, compassionate and caring individuals that will care for your child in the comfort and safety of your own home. Family owned and operated, we are passionate about making sure your child is cared for in the most loving and nurturing way. We are also committed to making this very difficult decision as easy and stress free as possible. We will guide you from your initial inquiry to the placement of a care provider.

Our Hiring and Placement Process:

Step 1 – Screening

We begin by screening potential candidates by reviewing their resumes, profiles and references. If the candidate meets our initial standards and requirements, they move on to the next step in our hiring process.

Step 2 – Interviewing

Next, we schedule a phone interview with the individual and ask them a series of questions. We gauge their responses and if our experts feel they have answered appropriately, we schedule them an in person interview within one of our office locations. If the interview goes satisfactorily, the candidate is hired pending the results of a Department of Justice background check and reference check.

Step 3 – Verification of Care Provider’s history and background

Once we have conducted our interviews, we recheck references, run a Department of Justice Fingerprint background check, and perform an audit of the individuals’ social media accounts. This ensures we cover relationships, legal information, and their personal social sites to better gauge the type of person we will be placing with you. These checks are very thorough and typically go above and beyond the hiring standards for our industry.

Step 4 – Your approval is KEY

If the potential provider has made it this far, we arrange an interview with you and the provider to seek your and your child’s approval of the potential provider. This is your opportunity to meet the person, ask questions, and gain clarification from our staff or the provider. After the interview and your approval, you will move to our scheduling department and we will complete the setup!

Step 5 – On-going Monitoring

Our approval and yours does not stop there. We continue to monitor, evaluate and ask you how the provider is doing in your home. We regularly perform quality checks in an effort to ensure you and your child are being taken care of. These checks are confidential and any issues you may face are addressed appropriately.