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Pacific Daycare Services is committed to providing Employer of Record Daycare to families with consumers that are less than 13 years old, when their parents work on a full-time basis or attend vocationally-oriented educational programs where their schedule cannot accommodate the child care need and who do not have a natural support system which provides child care.

Pacific Daycare Services will provide the following:

  • Ensure that each parent-identified daycare worker meets all specified and legal employment requirements
  • Ensure that all daycare workers are at least 18 years of age and have successfully completed requested background checks and CPR training
  • FREE CPR training and DOJ Live Scan Clearance
  • Verify time worked by daycare workers and ensure that all workers are paid promptly at least minimum wage for each documented hour of one-to-one service provided
  • Ensure that all workers’ federal and state income taxes are reported and paid in a timely fashion
  • Ensure that Worker’s Compensation Insurance is in place for all workers
  • Maintain accurate payroll and employment records for at least five years
  • Ensure that our administrative staff has the ability to serve consumers and families from all ethnic and cultural backgrounds so that we can support the individual in his or her primary language
  • Provide families with quick, efficient, high quality and friendly service in the most cost-effective manner, ensuring that administrative overhead costs do not exceed 15% of total service costs

If you are a Case Manager and wish to refer a family to our agency, please complete the Referral Form:

Quick Link: RCEB Referral